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When it came to light that USA Gymnastics (USAG) had, for decades, covered up sexual abuse perpetrated by Larry Nassar – its team doctor – responses were varied. Alongside messages of support for women who came forward were insults and expressions of doubt: ‘if this really happened, why didn’t you report it earlier?’

It’s the same ‘gaslighting’ response that countless survivors of sexual abuse have faced, whereby victims are manipulated into questioning their own sanity.

This article is one in a series (Connecting with Culture) from the the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity.

The oppo­site of resent­ment is grat­i­tude (from the Latin gra­tia = favor). Grat­i­tude is more than an occa­sion­al ​thanks be to God.’ Grat­i­tude is the atti­tude that enables us to let go of anger, receive the hid­den gifts of those we want to serve, and make these gifts vis­i­ble to the com­mu­ni­ty as a source of celebration.

Grat­i­tude is at the heart of cel­e­bra­tion and ministry.

When I think about what it means to live and act in the name of Jesus, I real­ize that what I have to offer to oth­ers is not my intel­li­gence, skill, pow­er, influ­ence, or con­nec­tions, but my own human bro­ken­ness, through which the love of God can man­i­fest itself. Min­istry is enter­ing with our human bro­ken­ness into com­mu­nion with oth­ers and speak­ing a word of hope.

This article is reproduced here by kind permission of Renovaré.

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